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dbetta is a contemporary, sustainable fashion jewelry brand that focuses on defining a style instead of following the trends. Inspired by art, design and cultures from around the world, it creates timeless modern ornaments for sophisticated women.

“The jewelry I design” said Elisabetta Capolino, “narrates past memories, either tied to myths and tribal customs or from my own cultural background, generating jewelry designed to evoke deep thoughts and feelings. ”

Tying together European sensibility and the manual ability of African artisans, in the context of sustainable production, a dense and complex collaboration between history and the contemporaneity, between artisanship and Italian heritage, defines the style of dbetta.

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Growing up in a family of fine jewelry producers allowed me to develop a cultural background of memories tied to wonderful objects, full of charm and preciousness. When a few years ago i began to look through my parents drawers, I discovered many objects that not only were carefully preserved but still maintained ties to my past memories. I then decided to select a few of them and to re-use them for a new jewelry collection, that despite being inspired by my life story, were designed with modern twist. Small silver boxes, gifts of forgotten newlyweds, jewelry of long lost fashions but nonetheless majestic, and a lot of colourful semi-precious stones collected throughout the various journeys in faraway lands, have become, thanks to the wise hands of two goldsmith in Nairobi, ornaments that represent the passing of life.




The collection Dew Drops is a synthesis of forms, materials, productions and contents of dbetta’s vision that mixes traditional craftmanship with modern style for a naturally elegant woman.

Transparent dew drops that light up everyday life are combined in the ornaments with flowers, leaves and butterflies, organic abstractions from ancient people in Africa, to give ancestral beauty for an eternal feminine contemporaneity.

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